The "Adjustment "

Dr. Denis Duncan offers gentle, safe, and effective, Chiropractic "adjustments"
 of the Entire Spine and All Extremities, including the  TMJ, shoulder, elbow,  wrist, hand, hip joint, tail bone (coccyx), knee, ankle, and foot.  Often, a prospective patient asks Dr. Duncan which techniques or methods that he uses on his patients., The fact is, he uses all of them that he has learned over the past 30 years of his practice as well as his continuing education. More specifically though, for "Upper Cervical adjustments" on the Atlas (C-1), he uses Grostic and Toggle, for those patients requiring precise, very gentle manipulation of the neck. This includes persons afflicted with moderate to severe  arthritis or osteoporosis, as well as those very nervous or scared about having their neck "popped"! 

Other major techniques that Dr. Duncan uses regularly however, are Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Logan,  Thompson drop, and S.O.T.


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   Great Benefits for the                Entire Family

Chiropractic care is not just for adults ...
  We have treated many children of all ages,including newborns !   
 First of all , our clinic does not normally perform x-rays on children under 14 unless there is a major fall or trauma, accident, or involvment  in major contact sports that produces moderate to severe pain, very limited movement, or medical necessity,etc. as determined by Dr. Duncan.  Note to parents: (Feel free to ask Dr. Duncan about any questions and/or concerns that you have about your child, and he will be happy to  address them.
   Examples of the type of pediatric cases that Dr. Duncan sees include:
- newborn babies that have had difficulty with "holding down" their milk, whether bottle fed or breast-fed.   
 - young babies attempting to crawl or walk, or toddlers attempting to climb, jump,ride, etc. and falling awkwardly, and injuring their head, neck,  back, or other body part.
  -many kids of all ages that suffer from asthma, allergies, clogged sinuses,hay fever, or upper respiratory congestion, have

 gotten great relief from Dr. Duncan's treatments !

 For expectant mothers, complications such as low back pain, sciatica, muscle cramping, swollen joints, even headaches are often relieved by Chiropractic, and no x-ray is necessary for treating expectant mothers. Another complication such as breech-positioned, babies have sometimes been corrected back to normal position in time for the due date. Also, Dr. Duncan has helped some overdue, mothers-to-be speed up their time of delivery with gentle, safe, & natural adjustments !
  Many children and teens are involved in some type of sport, and Dr. Duncan has helped so very, many kids to fully recover, usually very quickly ! He knows how important it is for these young people to return to the game they love so much !  Dr. Duncan sometimes has to remind the parents to be a little, more patient with the treatment plan that requires time off from important games, tournaments, etc. Dr. Duncan has worked with various coaches and trainers to assist in treatment and rehabilitation of their players.
 Many patients think only of the emergency room when they get hurt, and if you are not sure what to do, Dr. Duncan is well trained to know when a patient needs medical attention first... or instead... of
Chiropractic ! But, of course,  if you are certain that it is a medical emergency, then by all means, go to the hospital or call 911.


Auto,Work,Sports,Home -   Dr. 
Duncan has over 30 years of experience treating  numerous types of injuries, from mild to very severe, caused by virtually any type trauma, or fall, or mishap that you can imagine. By consulting Dr. Duncan for treatment of your condition, you can rest assured that he will do everything possible to get you back to doing what you normally do, or doing what you used to be able to quickly as possible, and hopefully, much better than before !

Our clinic is equipped with its own X-ray imaging capabilities so that you don't have to "go down the street" ! After Dr. Duncan takes your x-ray(s), he scans your films for any abnormalites, and then he will discuss his findings with you, (usually on your very, first visit).Once he determines that there are no contra-indications(possible complications to receiving Chiropractic care), Dr. Duncan will proceed with your case and adjust you and/ administer additional therapy if needed.
  For most mild conditions, the Chiropractic adjustment (or manipulation) that Dr. Duncan performs is all that is needed to help most patients recover in a very short period of time. Mild conditions may take as little as 3-5 visits, and don't require medication or additional therapy.
  Moderate injuries, however may require much longer time and effort to return the patient to his or her normal lifestyle, job, etc., and it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to reach full recovery. It often requires  a regiment of other "therapies" in addition to the "adjustments" by Dr. Duncan in order for him to help the patient progress at his/her optimum. These may include electrical muscle stimulation (interferential & Z-tech), therapeutic ultrasound, cold packs, cervical or lumbar traction, trigger point / manual therapy, and laser. We offer a Zenith Hi-Lo table for patients requiring assistance getting on or off the adjusting table, and we also accommodate those confined to a wheelchair. We offer  a "Triton" decompression table for lower neck or lumbar disc bulges and/or mild to moderate herniations, and an Air Flex distraction /Drop table ! The newest addition to our practice is "PEMF" Therapy - which is cutting, edge technology, originally developed and still being refined by Tesla engineers. It is a very, effective, adjunctive modality in helping some folks that are suffering difficult, neuro-muscular conditions!
 Severe injuries may require medical intervention first, so if needed, Dr. Duncan may refer the patient out for evaluation, and medication if pain pills, anti-inflammatories,etc.until the patient is able to return !
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